Monday, January 10, 2011

A few of the quilts I have on display

These are a few of the quilts I have on display for the month of January at Satin Moon Quilt shop: First is "Falling Leaves" and the 2nd picture is of the back; seemed like a good way to make my back big enough and it used the extra pieces I had left.
This one is "Sunrise" and is a disappearing 9 patch made with 7" squares so went together very quickly. Falling Leaves above is also a variation of disappearing 9 patch with alternate blocks set on point.
This quilt is one of my favourites. It is called "Moonphases" and made me fall in love with batiks.
The last quilt is "Twistin Around" and is scrap twist from Bonnie Hunter's site -
Thanks for having a look.


  1. I like all your quilts but particularly the Moon Phases one - I used up all my batiks years ago, so it's time to get some more I think.