Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I found my own flower stone!!!!!

Just returned from a walk on the beach and I found a flower stone. The picture of the single one is the one I just found. Vicky , Andrew and Dave find them quite regularly but I usually don't. Dave said we will have to build a special shelf for mine :). I have also attached a picture of some of the other ones we have found, they vary so much.

Here we are back in BC for the summer, the weather is gorgeous and the weeds growing like crazy. I finished 2 sets of placemats before I left and took some items for sale to Prairie Perfect Orchards gift shop. The have a wonderful market garden; currently they are picking honeyberries and later they have cherries. Jan has a great little gift shop with assorted woodworking, quilting, candles, t-shirts, jams she has made etc.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My New Favourite thing - painting on fabric

Something I have always wanted to try but didn't think I had time for I have finally tried. Painting on fabric, I am using Shiva paint stiks which I bought at Puyallup at the Creative Stitches show earlier this spring. They are so much fun - these samples were made using stencils. I have a set of four placemats and haven't decided if the others will be potholders or get used in a quilt. I'm off to finish the placemats; I hope I have enough backing.....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Apple trees in Bloom

My older apple tree has a few blossoms but it is recovering from a severe pruning. The newer little tree is loaded with blossoms similar to what it did 2 years ago. It was so heavy with apples the branches were almost touching the ground and then last year it had none. I think it wore itself out the year before but it looks hopeful for this year. Now if the weather co-operates we should have a great crop of apples. The saskatoon bushes are also loaded with blossoms so here is hoping the weather will co-operate and provide a lot of berries.

More quilt show quilts

Here are the rest of the quilts that I managed to finish, I had help with binding on a few from a good friend to meet the deadline, Thanks Debbie.

Quilt Show quilts

These are some of the quilts I completed this year, 2 of them sold at the quilt show...YEAH!!!

Double Delight Quilt

Double Delight quilt

This was a New Years Eve mystery posted at quiltville, I joined the group just to do the mystery. Was trying to finish UFO's all winter but could not a resist starting a new project. It all came from my stash; that was a bonus there. After the first set of square in a square I almost quit when the next step was more square in a squares but decided to push on. I completed the top in record time(for me) as it was done mid-april; this was including taking a break and quilting and binding 6 completed tops to display in a local quilt show.