Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring

It is the first day of spring and it certainly looks like it here. These are some of the flowers in my yard, I am so loving these. They are early this year as a lot of these were just starting to bloom when we went back to Alberta last year the 20th of April so I really appreciate that I get to enjoy them all this year. I hope you enjoy as well.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring is here!!!

Just wanted to post a few pictures of the trees etc that are blooming. They are gorgeous and hope this gives some hope that spring is coming for the people still buried in snow. I feel sorry for you and am very glad I moved here.

Quilts almost finished

I am finally coming up for air, working like mad trying to finish some UFO's. Nothing quite finished but getting close so I decided to post a few photos to track that progress is indeed being made.
The top quilt is Buggles Bunny which just needs to be washed to complete the fraying. This is for my niece who is expecting her first baby this month.
The second quilt I am calling Scott's Star; it is the Carolina Christmas mystery from Bonnie Hunter's website I did not want it to be Christmasy so used blue where she had gold and then added the brown sashing. It is almost ready for quilting; I am leaving it in two long strips so it will fit on my quilting frame which is set up in the smaller size. Once the two pieces are quilted I hope to able to join them without to much difficulty.
Anyway, that is enough quilting for today (not really :)) but I need to get to work.