Sunday, March 23, 2014

Curtains finished

Well I did get some time to sew, feels so good. The pictures are of curtains I made for our newly renovated guest bedroom inspired when a quilt was temporarily pinned over the window so someone could spend the night during the reno. I really like how they turned out but a lot of work for curtains so they will probably be there a long time.

You can see the inspiration hanging on the rocking chair next to the window.

Here you can see some of the amazing finishing details Dave did on the ceiling and the window trim which matches.

These will be open most of the time probably with tie backs.

I have also been slowly working away on Celtic Solstice(a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt). I have a lot of pieces complete are they are slowly coming together. Here is a couple of completed blocks on my new design wall(in above mentioned guest bedroom)

The other quilt on the design wall is the beginning of the layout for the split 9 patch that has been in progress since last summer. I think I will put sashing between the windmills with maybe a pinwheel corner block.

These are very scrappy and were a lot of fun to make.

Spring time Update

Seems like I only post about every 2 months :) so right on schedule. Spring seems to be arriving here and I hope it does everywhere else soon. The following photo's are supposed to make you smile and know spring is coming; that's all.

Now I better get some work done so I can do some quilting later today before the weekend is completely gone.