Monday, May 18, 2009

Snow on Victoria Day weekend-Of course

Although saturday and Sunday were quite nice days we should have know something was coming when  the wind hit at 3 pm yesterday. Sure enough got up this morning to SNOW, I want to go back to my flowers in BC. Since I can't do that I decided to sew, I've been trying to create something different from three coordinating fabrics I have but it is not turning out the way I thought. Its so disappointing when the actual doesn't match the picture in your mind. I used to always wonder why people created patterns when there are more already available than you can make in 10 lifetimes but lately I 'm finding I want to do something completely different so back to the drawing board.
If I get brave I will post a picture for comments.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fabric painting

I finally tried painting on fabric. I bought the Shiva paint stiks over a month ago but had not had a chance to try them. The first attempt is using the rubbing plates which creates a textured background. I think this will take some practice to achieve the desired effect(as with any new technique). Next I tried the stencils, they are great with really nice results right away. When I get a few done I will post some pictures and then on to the the decision of where to use them. I'm thinking of unique potholders, pillows, placemats, quilting blocks, etc. Open for any other suggestions. It is so sunny and warm today I should turn off the computer and soak in some of the warmth.

Flower pictures posted

I finally have some flower pictures posted, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
See photo albums on the upper left for a link.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Floral Beauty

As soon as I get the photo album figured out I will be posting pictures of my flowers in our yard at Otter Point(west of Sooke & Victoria)BC. It was so hard to leave these behind but great to see everyone in Innisfail again. 

Finishing projects

On to one of my favorite things-Quilting. I have finally finished the double delight quilt top which I started as a New Years Mystery. I am very pleased that I have actually completed a large top in less than 4 months, I'm sure that is a record for me. It could have been done sooner but I also quilted or put binding on 5 prevously completed tops. These has a deadline as they were in the Westshore "Symphony of Quilts: Show in March. This was to hopefully make a large dent in the UFO pile but I'm not sure you can notice anything is different. No new fabric was bought for double delight but the stash doesn't seem to be any smaller either. 
I am still learning how to link photos but hope to have picture of finished quilts up tomorrow.