Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Surprise; I have no willpower

Bonnie Hunter on Quiltville is doing a new mystery. I told myself I was not going to do this one but concentrate on finishing things. Started sorting and cutting up more scraps to clean things up after retreat and craft sale and realized how many 2 1/2" strips I have.
Guess what?? the new mystery uses mostly scrappy 2 1/2" strips so here I go again. Step one half done and then I need more blues so into the blue bin and as I cut a few strips I realize the fabric in the blue bin has not been washed. I have been trying to wash everything(one bin at a time) as I have discovered my allergies act up when I use new unwashed materials.
So I'm sure Sunday has unlimited time---- while cutting and sewing for mystery quilt I am washing a load of blue fabric; how insane is that?
Now , after quite a lot of rain the sun has come out and I probably should be outside but I have a large pile of blue fabric (I can't even guess how many meters) that needs to be refolded and put away and then back to some sewing.

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