Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Craft Sale done

Well it only took a few days to recover but the All Sooke Arts & Crafts Sale last weekend went well. It was Fri, Sat & Sun and well attended despite rainy weather. I would like to thank my daughter Victoria and my sister Ruth for keeping me company at various times during the sale.
The hot pads with funny sayings and the cell phone bags were the hot sellers as expected although I did sell 1 set of placemats and two lap quilts as well as a few smaller items. Overall it was a success and I have some ideas for next year. As it is all local I think people want to be sure you are indeed local so I will probably go to a few of the Farmers Markets next summer and see how that goes. I may also go to the Art in the Park sale which is in August-I went to see what it was like this year and seemed to be quite busy although it greatly depends on the weather.
For now I am happy to get back to finishing some of my own projects and will wait until the new year to start anything that is specifically for sale.

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