Monday, November 22, 2010

Craft Sale # 2 completed

Fri, Sat & Sun I had a booth at the All Sooke Arts and Craft Sale; while it didn't seem very busy I sold three lap size quilts plus a few pocket kleenex holders, potholders and snack bags so not too bad overall. Ruth kept me company and sold a scarf that technically wasn't for sale ( a different long story). Attendance at next years sales is up for debate but I have the chance to put a couple pieces in a gallery located at a local bakery for a month long art show so we'll see how that goes.
They were to be dropped off today but we were hit by a snow storm........that is not supposed to happen here. Snow storm only means 3 - 4 inches but considering we don't usually have snow it seems like a lot and with the humidity extremely icy especially on the hills which most roads are. It is also much colder than usual. So if they get the roads cleared and sanded tomorrow I will go drop the quilts off at the gallery. Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck - for the snow to disappear, or at least the roads get sanded - and for your quilts to get the accolades they deserve in the show! Blessings, Peg