Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finally back to some sewing tonite, I had great plans to sew most of the weekend but my back had other plans. I raked leaves earlier in the week; you could say trying to pave the way to sewing time by contributing to outdoor work. Spent the morning Saturday dusting, vacuuming and various house cleaning preparing for guilt free sewing all afternoon. At lunch I felt a few twinges in my back which turned into muscle spasms by mid afternoon but thankfully after lots of heat; some muscle relaxants and 2 days of doing nothing it seems to be better.
Therefore, this evening back to the sewing machine and completed 4 shopping bags that I wanted to complete for craft sale in just over a week. There are always more ideas than there is time but I have completed a number of smaller projects with 2 rag quilts left to snip and wash so that should be easy to finish. Here is hoping it is a well attended craft sale (and it usually is) with lots of shopping getting done.

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