Friday, January 8, 2010

Lost track of time-again

i thought I should check in and realized I hadn't posted since Dec 20-that is almost three weeks..... Anyway it has been busy; I have done a little more on the mystery quilt but it is currently resting. I saw a setting for it that used sashing which I absolutely love so now I have to find the right fabric for that. This quilt is for my son and he loved the picture with the sashing plus it makes a great size without a huge border.
He was here for Christmas for a week; he came on the train again which he finds much more relaxing and enjoyable than flying. Didn't do too much special except spend some great time relaxing together. He spent some time with his sister as well, it was great as they have become great friends now that they are adults.
Hoping to finish a few projects this month, I have pulled out a few quilts and am trying to find backings and bindings. Will post some pictures once I get going.
I also have been to the swimming pool twice this week for aqua-size so we will try to keep that up.

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