Monday, December 28, 2015

Allietare clue 5

This mystery is going to be wonderful I think, I can't wait to see the blocks and possibly a very interesting border.
Clue 5 was great and I have it completed although as prev mentioned I am only doing half of the units. Almost caught up with only 5 sets of clue 4 left to sew and they are all cut and layered ready to sew.

Here is my clue 5:

My Helper while working on clue 5

Here are all my clues to date:

I also wanted to share this puzzle I got for Christmas
It is called Maggie the Messmaker by the Charles Wysocki
We put it together Christmas Day and I love it.

 To view posts of other mysteries click this link Here to go to Quiltville's linky page for clue 5.


  1. Love the colours on your Mystery quilt and that helper looks like a keeper! Great puzzle, we also put together on on Christmas Day and I'm going to look for the one you much fun. Have a Happy New Year.

  2. That puzzle looks fun! If only my cats would leave them alone. Happy New Year.