Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend progress

On Saturday my husband  and I spent some time rearranging furniture, I have been sharing my studio with the living room that we never use. We decided we don't need the living room as we never sit in there; it is not done yet as we have to find a new home for the couch but we arranged so I have much more room in my studio.
Then I cleaned and put away leftovers from a number of projects and scrap cutting I've been doing. There is still lots more scrap cutting to do but all the pieces are in a tub under the cutting table.
Finally time to pull out Celtic Solstice and see where I got to; after sewing some Sat and quite a bit today here is a picture on my design wall. I am making it a bit smaller I think as I really don't need another bed size quilt(not that I need  any quilts but that's beside the point).

Thanks to an idea someone posted on Facebook it was suggested you put up all the pieces you have made and then you can see what is left to make - which is chevrons and corner triangles. There is hope I can have this top completed before the new mystery starts.

I was also slowly working on the baby quilt below; I am machine blanket stitching around the animals but I find that hard on the shoulders so do an hour at a time and then work on something else. I think I only have cow, zebra, raccoon and rooster left to do.

Back to sewing.........................

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