Sunday, January 26, 2014

Celtic Solstice progression

So I've been plugging away at pieces in no particular order. I have most of the parts made but quit counting. I'm starting to put blocks together and I will take a break and make more pieces as I need them.
For those who commented at the start when I couldn't decide if I wanted to use blue or brown I ended up using brown which I am very happy about.
Here is a picture of parts:

And here is the first 2 blocks - I had to do 1 of each just to see how they look

And then I had to try one with the chevron's in the star formation......I think I will do what I have seen a lot of people doing with doing half squares and half stars but will see how it progresses.
Here are the three so far

I am really excited to see what this quilt will look like, I have absolutely loved all the ones I've seen in all the different colors and can't wait to see what mine will look like. No more time to sew tonite.....will maybe do a little during the week but mostly it will wait until next weekend.


  1. Hi Arley, Love your colours! Very rich looking. I'm plugging away on 4 patches in my blue/brown colourway. I'm almost done and then I can finish off that block. I've got one block set all done. Can't remember which is A and which is B. But the one with the 5 4 patches is what I'm putting together.

    I've got all the components together for my Christmas one (smaller size) but haven't started building those blocks yet.

    Fun quilt hey?

  2. Looking great. I think you have done more then me now. I need to get two blocks done. I have some unpicking to do. Looking very nice with the brown.