Friday, November 29, 2013

Celtic Solstice Clue 1

Clue 1 released this morning and calls for the Tri-Recs ruler right off the bat.
This summer I got a Baby Go accucut and ordered what I thought might be useful dies.
One that I got makes a triangle in a square which is exactly the same as clue 1 in a 3" finished size. I have previously used the Tri recs and while it works I found it somewhat picky and I had to trim a number of my blocks.
I am looking forward to using the template.......only 1 minor cutter is on loan to a good friend and I will get it back at Christmas. I was hoping we wouldn't need it until a later clue but that is OK since I will be away from Tues until Christmas. The mystery quilt will begin in earnest when I get home around Dec 28.............
I have a number of UFO's I can work on over the weekend ha ha
Meanwhile here are just a few blocks I made; I did some with my brown and some with my blue thinking this would help me decide which color to use. I was pretty sure I was going with the brown but the blue looks good also.

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  1. Decided to take a good look at your blog since I stopped by while looking for your e-mail and you do such wonderful job on your quilts. The race car quilts are adorable and I absolutely love your Double Delight.

    What color did you choose, the blue or the brown? I actually fell for the brown as soon as I saw it in your photo. I replaced the orange with burgundy and the yellow with grey, it's turning out nice, but it's a slow going.I only have to think about sewing on the Celtic Sunrise and all kind of interruptions come my way.