Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pre mystery finishing

There is nothing like a new mystery to push me into finishing some is great motivation.
Today I completed the top for Easy Street - Bonnie's last mystery. It just needed one border to be completed and 3 borders to be sewn on; I wondered why I had quit at this point and then realized one border was 4" short while I got carried away on the other border and I had pieced enough piano keys for double the length I needed HA HA. Anyway they are now corrected and I will probably use the extra strip of piano key in the back.
So here is the finished top:
This shows the border I'm talking about, it goes all the way around.
The top ended up being 85 x 110

Now to get it quilted, hopefully before the first clue in Celtic Solstice which means I have a month.
I think this top needs a new name, it is very bright and makes me think of for suggestions

I also got two bindings ready for 2 lap size Yellow brick roads I made from race car fabrics for my bosses little boys. Hopefully I will finish those in the next few days and then I will post pictures.
Back to sewing..................................

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  1. Howdy Arley, I love how you are finishing off your Easy Street in preparation for the Celtic Solstice quilt. Too funny! Me too!! Love your colours and the alternate setting. I've got 2 more setting blocks to do on my final row and then the borders.