Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt time approaches

So here we go again, I didn't even try to resist this year as it hasn't worked the last 2 years. Once everyone starts talking about it I want to be involved and these quilts always turn out fabulous.
I think I have done 5 now. Double Delight was the first (I still want to do this one again), then Christmas Lights, Roll roll cotton boll, Orca Bay and Easy Street is almost complete.
Easy street is in 2 large pieces with borders almost ready; I hope to will get the top completed before the first clue release for Celtic Solstice.
If you need fabric requirements go to and the link is at the top of the page.
I pulled some fabrics today and here they are:
There may be some changes; I still need to look through my fat quarters and may add or change the selections. There is a month to look at these and decide if I want to make some changes. I am trying to pick enough colors so I use a fat quarter or less of each piece of fabric.
Will try to post each step as we go but I will miss a few early ones as I will be away from my machine in December.
I know Cathy and Debbie will be doing this........anyone else?


  1. I am in this year again. Maybe we can get my mom too. I have not pick fabric yet. I resisted pulling fabric this week as I am trying to work lots. Many Christmas quilts due this year. I might change the colours a bit. Blue, green Yes not sure about orange and yellow yet.

  2. there is a button on the side of bonnie's blog now for Solstice. The temporary one until the mystery is complete. It is cute :)