Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back to organizing

"and another one gone and another one gone and another one bites the dust" .....that is another day gone since I posted.
2 days after the last post I took these pictures of a few of my sorted tubs; I love looking at them and i can actually see what I have.
Don't they look great. Not sure how long they will last but hopefully since I can see it all i should be able to pull only what I need.

Since these were done I have sorted red, white & cream ,yellow & orange, batiks. Now I have just a couple of mixed up containers to go.
These contain 1/2 m or larger pieces {mostly washed} and then I have a container(or two:)) of fat quarters and everything else is being cut into usable scrap pieces which have their own containers for each size.

Hope spring is coming soon for everyone, the flowers are all starting to bloom and Dave had to cut the grass for the first time the other day(not complaining).

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