Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mystery quilt finally started

Finally gave in to temptation and started the mystery quilt from Bonnie Humter's website. There have already been 6 clues and no one can figure out how it goes together but should start soon as there are only 8 clues. I have all my fabrics selected and I started with clue 3 which is string blocks because they look like so much fun (and they are). We have to make 60 of these blocks and I have 8 done. I have attached pictures of the blocks before they are trimmed and they sure don't look like much but I love them after they are trimmed. Now I just have to pull the paper off the back. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.


  1. What a great start to a new year of quilting! My favorite way to do a mystery: wait til I have all the 'clues' and then start - cheating I know, but I get too impatient otherwise!