Sunday, August 8, 2010

Busy never goes away

It seems there is always lots to do and even as you get lots done the list does not seem to grow shorter. But boredom will never be a problem. Packed everything in my sewing closet last weekend as we had company coming to stay and use spare room for a few days, had a great visit but scared to open closet doors as I may be buried in the landslide.
Made salsa today - it smells so good. Managed to unearth the mystery I wished never began from the closet and completed the top. This was one I adapted from a couple of patterns for my retreat last year. It was supposed to be a 3-4 hours project with a challenge. It ended up that it challenged people more than expected and so mine did not get finished although a few brave people did complete theirs. After I add a border - possibly in the next couple of days - I will post a picture. It actually turned out not bad.
Anyway better finish getting ready for outdoor craft show & sale next weekend. My sister is bringing jewelery she is making and some purses and my daughter is bringing her photo cards and some upcycled clothes so we will have more variety with my mostly quilted items.

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