Sunday, June 20, 2010

2 Quilts finished - YEAH!!!

Scott's Star
I have finished Scott's Star (Carolina Christmas from It was a mystery quilt before Christmas last year and I have delivered it to my son and he loved it.
I also finished , today my Double Delight (another Quiltville mystery). The top was completed within 4 months of starting which was a big accomplishment for me but then it had to wait to get quilted as other items seemed to take precedence. Anyway I started quilting it just after Christmas and then it had to wait patiently for binding which I started before we went away a couple of weeks ago.
I finished the binding yesterday and washed it today, it has turned out so lovely I am going to miss it. Early on although I liked the way the pattern was going I wasn't crazy about the pink but I was sure my daughter's mother-in-law would love it so I decided it was for her. I must admit over time the pink has grown on me and I'm thinking I might have to make another one....... It will be on its way to its new home in Ontario later this week and I know it will be loved and appreciated so all is great. Hope everyone had an enjoyable Father's Day.
Double Delight


  1. Wow. . they are both GORGEOUS!!! I love Scott's star! The colors are so rich and "primitive" (which I'm a big fan of the dark reds and beiges and dusty blues) I love your sashing, I used sashing too as I used the QAYG method. For some reason it's not letting me ssee a big view of the DD. . but from the smaller picture it still looks amazing. . your borders are crazy. . anyone who makes MORE SIS's for the border must be certifiable!! But it looks AMAZING!!!

  2. You have been busy! I am especially LOVING the DD border - how clever you are!

    My DD is still awaiting quilting, although I'm to the point of measuring my backing for it. I already have the batting - slowly, one step at a time! It's been finished for over 1 year.

    I saw your message on the Yahoo Quiltville list.

  3. Both quilts are gorgeous! I like your sashing. That's what I want to do on mine. I just finished the blocks and have to decide how to set it. How wide did you make your sashing? I've never done sashing before. I also like your borders on your DD. I wish I could see a bigger picture of it. I might have to make that next. : ) I also saw your message on the Yahoo Quiltville list.

  4. I am in the quiltville yahoo group with you..both your Bonnie quilts are FABULOUS! Congrats on getting them done. So far Double Delight is my favorite of them all!