Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garage Sale today

So the garage sale with craft tables was pretty good. It was pouring rain but I guess that brought lots of people in since they couldn't work in their yards. Quite busy for most of the day although it completely died after lunch. I had a lot of compliments and lots of people looking which i think is always good. Sold one lap size quilt so a successful day but sold none of the kleenex paks I thought would be so popular or the potholders but that's OK as I now have lots ready for the next sale or for the weekly country market I'm considering. I think the next step is business cards........
The other great thing today was Skype, my son recently told me to sign on and we could talk for free and that was neat and I think we will use it a lot but neither of us had a camera(didn't think i would want that) but today I talked to my sister who has a camera on Skype and it was so cool to see her while we were talking. She could show me her quilts and her house and it was great. It is so easy to use I will be looking for more people (and a camera).

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