Friday, February 12, 2010

continuing on UFO's

Been to busy working and sewing to post anything but feel like I may be starting to get ahead. Nothing actually completely finished but all 4 large tops that I quilted in January are trimmed and ready for binding. Binding is made for all except one so almost time to get them on. Between trimming I have been working on a cross-stitch I started more years ago than I want to remember. I am trying to finish it in Feb but we'll wait and see on that; also back to work on the Christmas Mystery quilt, it got put aside at Christmas and finally pulled it out today. I decided I would add sashing between the blocks and I finally bought some 2 weeks ago. Decided to figure out how wide the sashing needed to be and realized I haven't finished all the blocks so worked on that this afternoon.
In the next few days I hope to sew some binding on as it will make good hand sewing while watching some of the olympics-the cross-stitch takes too much concentration so I can't do that while watching TV. Let's hope our "I Believe" motto will work and Canada wins a bunch of medals. GO CANADA!!

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