Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mystery quilt - step 3 completed

Here is a picture of what was made with some of those squares and rectangles.
These are not all completed as I am doing some of each step to see how this will turn out. So far its very interesting. Also doing something I haven't done before - as I sew the squares on the rectangles I am sewing 3/8" away from center line and then when you trim you have made 'bonus' half square triangles. I usually toss these cut-off pieces as they go into the cat/dog pillows I make so they are not garbage. This was a proposed idea in the mystery quilt so I thought I would try it for once - they are cute but small. I will have to use them in another quilt but of course Bonnie has some quilts on her site that will use them or they would be great in potholders,etc

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