Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On the road

Even though I was in no hurry to leave my flower filled yard in Sooke I have to admit I love the ferry ride from Victoria to Tsawwassen. Travelling through all the small islands is always interesting. There are so many different styles of houses and cottages from the very small and quaint to the very large and ornate. Its fun to imagine who lives there and what they do for a living. Is it a vacation home or do they live there year around.
Bailey(our border collie) is travelling very well this trip. On our way to BC in the fall she had only been in the vehicle a few times and she ducked at every underpass for the first 2 hours. Now that she rides in the truck regularly she is settled in the back looking out the window and seems very relaxed.
On to more of my favourite things in the next post.

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