Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Block Wonder

I just returned home from a Wild West Weekend courtesy of Victoria Quilt Guild. It was a wonderful weekend of meeting new friends in a gorgeous location. Here is the view from our classroom at Pearson College:

I attended a 3 day class while at the retreat taught by Mae Petersen on One Block Wonder; I had purchased the book and ruler at least a year ago but had not got brave enough to try it so this was the perfect opportunity. What a wonderful 3 days with a classroom of great new friends.
Here are some pictures of my quilt at various stages the last being 4 rows sewn together and a few partially sewn before it was time to pack up and go home.  Just realized I forgot to take the last picture so it will have to wait till I get my design wall unrolled and set up again and I want to add a picture of the original fabric so check back. I apologize the 2nd picture is laying on its side and I don't know how to turn it.

YEAH! I figured out how to turn it!!!!!
The following pictures are the other OBW quilts in progress by the other class participants:

It will be so interesting to see these completed...........................................

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  1. Hi Arley,

    Great post and so great to finally meet you face to face!