Saturday, November 24, 2012

And here we go again-Bonnie Hunter mystery

Another Bonnie Hunter mystery has begun:

I finally got my fabric washed last night - about half of it was washed and I have found recently that I get stuffed up using fabric not washed so now the rest is washed.

I originally picked these fabrics :
But I wasn't crazy about my grey(at the far end), it is a mottled green/grey/pinky. I am using yellow instead of purple. The greens and blues are much brighter than they show here.

I went back to my stash as I was determined to not go shopping and I found this great black with some white so I am using it as my grey and it feels will see if it works:

On to Clue 1 released yesterday. Four patches which will be made with black and black on white in my case. Here are some strips sewn together; I think this is enough for half of what is required.

Here they are cut into twosies.

And...........the first few 4 patches. I love them and hope to get the rest sewn tomorrow. 


  1. The black looks very crisp with your black on white fabric. I think your gray would have washed out with your b/whites as they look a bit grey in the photo. Great choice. I've started but had to buy grey fabric, heck I probably would have had to buy black to have enough! The blocks look great so far!

  2. Great Constant!
    I'm still working on twosies, work keeps interfering with my real life :)

  3. Great to see your colours. I am getting started today with my grey and white with black prints. I love the colours Bonnie is using this year so I no plans to change it. I think your will be great. Yellow!

  4. Your white/black prints are cute. I have 3 of them...oldies but goodies!