Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back to Normal.......whatever normal is !!!!!

I seem to have been very busy since my last post with working & camping throughout the summer.
Have been back home for 2 weeks after being gone for just over a month but it has taken that long to unpack, sort and get back into any kind of routine.
We left Sooke Sep 13 and drove to Innisfail for a short visit with Scott. He then kindly took us to the Calgary airport before he went to work Monday morning where we headed for Frankfurt, Germany with a short stop in Toronto. Here is the motorhome we spent the week in.

We first visited the town in Germany where I was born while my family was stationed when my Dad was in the Royal Canadian Armed Forces. It was so cool to see as I was only 6 months old when we left. I had seen lots of pictures but certainly didn't remember anything.

We spent the rest of the week driving through some amazing and beautiful countryside across the south end of Germany arriving in Munich just in time for Oktoberfest(not planned). Who knew Oktoberfest started the 23rd of September?

We had a great tour of the BMW Welt and museum which is an amazing building. It displays all their new cars. This was followed by a City tour (chauffeured in vintage BMW's) and a tour of their collection of classics which is only available on this tour(not open to the public).
                                            The cars we did the tour in.....................

                                                      BMW Museum
                                                    Our driver
We took over 1000 pictures which still need to be severely edited but this is a few.
Then we were off to Dublin and touring in Ireland for almost 2 weeks. I will have to do another post for that.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures, sounds like an awesome summer filled with what will now be great memories.

  2. Great pictures, I knew about Oktober fest cause I'll be there next year .