Monday, January 2, 2012

Orca Bay - loving my colors

Here is the first block and then with the light block(mine is darker as I used blacks as my neutral)  laying beside. I don't have my design wall up at the moment for better display. I did some more assorted pieces today and realized I had enough to do one block as someone suggested on the chat group. I like that better than long rows so will give it a try. I have enough for probably half of the blocks but time for sewing today has run out, so far I am loving my colors....very bright.
Here is the linky back to Bonnie Hunters Blog where you can see more progress on a lot of other Orca Bay quilts -


  1. Very nice you are doing a great job. I might make mine in big blocks rather than rows as I have had problems with the geese/string square rows being longer than the Ohio Star/geese rows.

  2. I'm loving your colours too and can't wait to see more of it!!
    Great job!

  3. Beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished top.
    I'm just putting the final rows together of the top then will start on the borders.

  4. Ooough, your colors are gonna make this a knock out! Great choices in fabrics.

  5. I sent an email to your gmail hope you got it. Love your colors, they are the same as mine but in different positions. See my email for info on your Ohio Stars.